The View of the Sea on the Condo’s Window

Living in a busy and modern city has its advantages and you won’t be able to enjoy them if you are living in the suburbs or even farther than that 제주독채민박 One of the many things you would love about it is the accessibility of facilities that can help provide you your most basic needs. A condominium right in the vicinity of the commercial district, for example, surely has different shops just nearby. Therefore, you do not have to drive far or ride a cab for a long time just to buy what you need. You simply take the elevator down and walk to the shops nearby.

However, the downside of living right in midst of an asphalt jungle is that there is actually nothing else to see through your windows but tall skyscrapers and giant billboards. These can be interesting at first but you will certainly be tired of watching these inanimate and unnatural objects after a week or two.

This can be a major drawback if you are the kind who releases stress by merely watching a breathtaking view instead of just being on higher ground. The solution would be to search for a condo unit that could provide you a good view of the sea even it actually also includes a sight of a busy port.

The busy trucks, forklifts, and trains in the port area may sometimes disturb you and remind you of the work you left behind in the office. However, the blue sea and the horizon, where both the water and the sky seem to meet, may also provide you a reprieve. You can stare at the view for hours from your condo unit and make the sea as your screen on which to project your thoughts. This is truly better than just staring at the computer or at stacks of paperwork the whole day.

This is the reason why you have to learn to be very particular in your choice of condo location. Even as you choose one that is located in the center of a busy city district because your office is just a few blocks away, you should still make sure that your window gives you an alternative and relaxing view. If you live in a coastal city, pick a unit that allows you to enjoy the sight of the sea while you chill out at home after work. Your home, after all, is intended for rest and relaxation and the windows must provide you these.

Barbados has so much to offer with all its beauty and splendor but there is also an amazing tropical sea life deep beneath the waters to discover. Sure no problem if deep sea is your hobby, if you are trained and qualified as well as equipped to go deep sea diving but this is not an option for a majority of the Barbados visitors. However these visitors don’t need to miss out on this fascinating deep sea tropical life if you take an Atlantis Submarine tour.

The Atlantis submarine and these tours have been specifically designed to take visitors who cannot dive deep down beneath the surface waters and see this amazing tropical fish life for themselves. You will take a small scenic boat ride of approximately 10 mins to the dive site at Freshwater Bay also known as Clarke’s Reef on the West Coast of Barbados where you arrive and watch the 65 foot submarine rise slowly out of the water for you to board.

First you see its antennae emerge, then a circular cone and then finally the tubular white steel hull. You need to climb down a 10 step ladder and then you are aboard the submarine. Once all the passengers are aboard, the submarine slowly emerges into the water and sinks down to about 100 to 150 feet stopping by the coral reef which stretches for about two miles and stands about 60 feet high, before heading deeper towards the bottom of the ocean where you will find an old shipwreck.

The submarine provides a comfortable spacious air conditioned cabin and holds 24 passengers with seats on each side for you to sit on opposite large circular viewing holes so that you can see first hand the amazing colours and tropical sea life around including visiting and getting up close to the old shipwreck. The inside of the submarine cabin is kept at sea level pressure for your comfort and at the front of the submarine there is a large 52 inch porthole to provide more viewing opportunities.

You will see the pilot here surrounded by all of his controls and he moves the submarine along at a very slow speed (1.5 knots) so that you can slowly cruise by the under water marine life. You will find that the curious exotic fish can peep at through the port holes of the submarine and the 40 minute expedition is narrated by a knowledgeable co-pilot who will talk you through your under water journey and explain about what you are seeing.

Then the submarine will rise and your boat will be waiting for you to ferry you back to the shore. You will want to ensure you have brought your camera with you and you will be advised not to use your flash as taking pictures through the port holes will come out black but not using the flash you will be able to get some good pictures although the better your camera is will probably make a difference. You are OK to use flash inside to get clear pictures of you aboard a submarine.

Each port hole has a picture card so you can try and identify what dazzling fishes you have seen. You are likely to see a range of fish such as butterfly fish, silversides, parrot fish as well as possibly a baracuda and a sea turtle. The sea fans give you an amazing sight of colourful shaped sponge like life swaying in the waters and are just truly amazing. As the submarine goes deeper to the shipwreck, this amazing coral life and tropical fishes and left behind and you are able to see the bottom of the sea bed.

This is a marvellous easy, safe and comfortable way to explore the amazing marine life deep beneath sea without being a qualified deep sea diver. These tours are award winning and come highly recommended as a fantastic water experience, something not to be missed.

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