One of the important factors that affect the bull789 odds at football betting is the Home and Away wins. If you have a look at the statistics, you will find that around half of the total matches are home wins, the other quarter matches are draws and the remaining quarter are away wins. These statistics are very much same for all the football leagues around the world. Thus, this fact backs that a home team has a better advantage over the away team.

There are many reasons for a home team to have advantage over the away team. One reason is the presence of the home crowd. The shouting and cheering of the home crowd really motivates the players, as well as make them play harder to win. On the other hand, the away team always has tremendous pressure, when playing away from home. In such situations, the away team tends to create mistakes, while playing.

In betting exchange, you will always find that the home team is always the favourite before the start of the game and accordingly the odds are decided. After the kick-off, the odds change depending on the situation of the game. In case the home team scores the first goal, the odds change in the favour of the home team. In other words, if you wish to place a bet on the home team, there are chances that you may win it, since the home team is the favourite and on top of that, it has scored the first goal also.

Other aspect of the game, which affects the football betting , is the current form of a team. If you want to check a team’s form, there is no need to check its entire seasons form. Just check for the concerned team’s form over the last five to six games. The main principle, which affects the odds for football betting is a team with continuous winning records for the last five to six games. This also shows that the team has gained a lot of confidence and there are no injury related problems in the team. On the other hand, a team having a losing record for the last five to six games either has several injury problems or does not have a good team line-up.

This helps in deciding the odds better. In case the above two teams have an upcoming fixture, without any doubts the winning team are the favourites to win no matter, if it is a home or away match or team. This is a case between top five teams and bottom three teams in the league table.

Rare Factor:

The most important and rarest factor, which really affects the odds, is a Derby match between two arch rivals. In such situation, it is very tough to decide for who will win or lose, as both the teams are highly motivated. The two teams sport a never give up attitude for the match. Even if it is a home match of either of the teams, it hardly makes any difference. In such cases, the odds offered in the betting exchange market are equally balanced. In such matches, the market mainly favours a draw odd.

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