Homemade Solar Power – Pro and Cons of DIY Solar Generators

In this time of high cost Solar Generator For House having your own homemade solar power can be beneficial especially, because solar power is cost free and abundant in supply. Read on, because we will discuss several advantages and disadvantages and later on we will tell how you can make your own homemade solar power for a price less than $500.

1. Advantages

– What I like about solar power is that it is a renewable source of energy, no matter how much you use it. You will always find plenty of it as long as the sun is up. So you can use it over and over again without need to worry it will diminish.

– It doesn’t produce pollution, unlike any other sources of energy that pollute our environment incurring global warming to our world.

– Low maintenance cost. Homemade solar power equipment needs a very low maintenance cost and can last for a lifetime. Unlike any other generators you might just need to check it once a year and it would be perfectly fine.

2. Disadvantages

– Unfortunately, it cannot be generated without sunlight; some areas have such a bad weather until they have only sunlight few times during the year.

– Ready made systems are still too expensive since they are not manufactured in large quantities and that could put people off.

Buying homemade solar power is not cheap and can cost you thousands of dollars, however you can build your own solar power equipment for less than $500. You can find almost all the necessary equipments at your local electric store.

Some of the necessary equipments are small solar panel, deep cycle 12 volt battery, box for protection from children or animal, 12 volt DC meter and DC input.

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