A Smartphone Can Help You Walk In Miracles!

While a course in miracles youtube, LinkedIn, and a few News sites on my phone this morning, I began to think about how much time we truly spend on these devices…

What if… I decided NOT to pick up the phone. What if… instead of scrolling and tapping the screen, I instead began to seek the Lord? Truly, what if?

I remember a minister on Sid Roth share how the miracles increased in his ministry, as he began to pray one hour per day in the spirit.

Pray in tongues for one hour? Sounds nice, yet how could I ever find time? I’m sure others have felt the same way… Between family time, counseling clients, studying, and business ventures – how could anyone pray in the spirit for one hour?

So I did some research, and yes on my smartphone – I found out that the average person now spends 128 minutes every day on their smartphone! That is an average, some spend more! Over 2 hours a day checking text messages, e-mails, Facebook, etc… 2 Hours a DAY!

Reading that shocking information, I closed my screen, closed my eyes, and spent the rest of the time praying in the spirit. I am personally committing myself to cutting the phone time DRAMATICALLY, and spending more time praying to my Heavenly Father! Who else is with me?

What if… the next time you catch yourself going for the phone, and you will now that have read this – lol, I invite you to slow down and simply pray.

I have caught myself TWICE in the last 30 minutes going for my phone to “check messages/updates” – now, I will spend that time praying for my family, the ministry, and yes YOU!

FaceBook update? What about updating the Father on how you feel?

LinkedIn scan for a new job? Why not ask the Father for promotion?

Looking funny jokes and viral videos to lift your spirit? What about a Glory filled moment from the throne room? Let the oil of JOY anoint you!

Downloads? Ask Holy Spirit for spiritual downloads of revelation!

Do you need to walk deeper in the anointing of God and finally see the miracles at your fingertips instead of on YouTube? Pray without ceasing, and expect the one you pray to, to work through YOU!

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