True Feelings of Love – Blood

Well all have them don’t we? You have feelings of love,True Feelings of Love – Blood Articles hate, jealousy, and 키스방. The most influential one of all is Love. It takes hold of us with great passion and strength. It can lead us into temptation, and deliver us from evil.

From my experience of love, looking through my eyes of the wonders that I felt, you can connect and side with me and understand what I felt. Lust is very similar to love. When you love someone, you think about them when you wake up, before you sleep, and also in your dreams. Love is like our blood; it keeps us alive and is everywhere.

Even if we loose our one love, we can still survive, as we have another form of love. Family love, or friends love. But true love is hard to find. It strikes our hearts and fills our minds with feelings of joy, happiness and tranquillity also. Love is all around us. We see couples walking by, showing emotions of love.

When do we know we are in love? What is love? Well love is a word that sum’s up all that we do for someone. If for some unknown reason, we feel happy being around someone, and find when you look at them, you cannot seem to concentrate on anything else, then its love. You become fixated on them with all your hearts desire. Yes, desire plays a big part.

Another word formulated into love is passion. Passion is physical desire, and desire is mental passion, then where does the word love come in. It appears above all the heading, the title, front page of passionate fantasy’s and desirable features.

Love will stand for: Lifts our very existence. When you’re down, you think of a passionate love one, and your way of life changes. No one can bring you down; beauty becomes the next word doesn’t it? When you’re in love, beauty is always seen.

In movies, we all strive to delve deep into love scenes, or connections of love. We always hope that true love is found and they live happily ever after don’t we? It always seems the way forward. Through action and adventure we always know somewhere love will find a way. Listen to Celine Dion and her song called ‘Heart’ it always fills me with great power. So by having love in movies, we can feel safe that, if it happens in movies it happens to us. It does, but we don’t know for sure.

I was once in love with a person who I could not bare to be without. When they would go to work, and I would text them on there break in the middle of the night, I would pray that they would reply, and when they didn’t I was devastated. You can literally see the tears and frustration growing inside. Feelings of being alone and powerless fill the heart, but love always wins.

Expectation comes with love. If you expect love, you will be hurt. If you expect only love from yourself you can never be hurt. Some people say take risks and love again. Most of us know that loving someone, and then finding out they don’t love you, is terrible. We seem to loose all contact with the real world, we go into a state of revival. We try and recreate our self esteem.

True feelings of love is like blood through our everlasting veins, which will last forever. Titanic the movie “My heart will go on” famous words of a song, that will never be forgotten. Can love be lost and recreated with someone else? I think so, but love isn’t lost is it? It’s merely hidden from our sight.

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