The Amazing Nightlife of Phuket

Phuket is a very popular travel destination located in Southern Thailand. One of the principal reasons why Phuket has grown into one of Asia’s leading travel destinations is because of the wild and amazing 다낭 에코걸 which visitors encounter on this tropical Asian island. Of course this leading Thai travel destination has plenty of other attractions and activities to offer its tourists, which include white sandy beaches and these popular tourist shows found at Simon Cabaret and Phuket Fantasea. However the nightlife has been ranked as the leading attraction for many travelers and tourists.

Phuket has many repeat visitors and the vast majority of these repeat tourists return back to this popular holiday destination because of the large variety of excellent bars and the many cute Thai girls that are employed at these Phuket nightlife venues.

Travelers who are planning to spend their vacation on Phuket and who would like to spend many evenings exploring the exiting nightlife should definitely reserve accommodation in Patong beach. This popular beach resort area is where most popular Phuket nightlife establishments are located.

Any tourists who would like to do some clubbing during their stay on Phuket will be happy to hear that there are some really remarkable discos. All the discos on this popular Thai island are located in Patong beach. The largest of all the discos on the island is the famous Patong Tiger Disco and other popular discos include the Safari Club, Banana Disco and the Patong Tai Pan disco.

There are thousands of bars located on Phuket and most of these nightlife venues can be found in Patong. There are different types of bars which include beer bars, Irish bars, cocktail bars, wine bars, go go bars and gay bars. Some of the most popular Phuket bars include the Kangaroo Bar, Molly Malone’s Irish bar, Patong Aussie Bar and the ever so popular Boat Bar.

The most popular type of bars on Phuket is most certainly beer bars. This type of Phuket nightlife venues come in all shapes and sized and most can be found along Soi Bangla in Patong beach. What makes these bars so unique and popular is the fact that there are many cute and sexy bar girls working at these of popular bars. Visitors who are interested in getting to know one of the cute Thai girls are able to bar fine the girl for the rest of the evening.

Thailand is well known for its Go Go bar and there are more than a few outstanding Go Go bars on the island which travelers can explore. If you would like to visit one of these Phuket nightlife venues then we recommend for you to head over to Soi Seadragon which is located just off the popular Bangla road in Patong.  Thai Go Go bars are basically bars where there are Thai girls dancing on stage in very revealing clothing.

For more information about the various different Phuket nightlife venues be sure to visit the nightlife section which is located in the author’s Phuket guide.

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