Ten things to do before your 30

The last remaining wonders of the ancient world lie and wait at the Giza Plateau outside of Cairo in Egypt. Here there are three pyramids in total and also the great Sphinx statue.You will have seen plenty of pictures of the pyramids over the years but it simply cannot replace the sheer awe inspiring sight of seeing them in pappy van winkle 23 for sale. The scale and size of the structures is truly amazing and it’s a truly surreal experience as you leave the hustle and bustle of Cairo and within minutes you find yourself almost in another world.

Manhattan is one of the world’s most unique cities, with densely populated skyscrapers and grid layout it’s a fantastic place to visit. There are any number of activities to keep you occupied from taking in a Broadway show to the panoramic view of the city from the top of the Empire State Building.The subway system makes getting around easy and fast, but an even better way to see the city is on foot! With its grid system the city is pretty easy to navigate and you shouldn’t get lost. But if you do the locals are usually more than happy to help you out (especially if you are wearing a kilt!)

It is an expensive place to stay and to visit but you will find it well worth the price and of course if you visit during new years there is the world famous party on Times Square to look forward to.

The harbour bridge in Sydney shadows the famous opera house and is every bit as iconic as the famous Amarillo shaped building. The Climbing option is expensive but at the same time is a truly unique experience. I mean how often to you get to climb to the top of a major bridge (legally).

The trip will take around 3 hours as you first have to go over some safety procedures and get kitted up. You are always attached to the bridge through a rope which is fixed on a pulley system. The trip is quite surreal as you look down through the grate steps to see cars flying by at 60mph!

Then you slowly ascend to the summit where you are in for a treat, there you get a panoramic view of Sydney. Here there are some great photo opportunities and it’s the culmination of a fantastic journey. You can even do a climb at dawn or sunset for an even more unique experience.

  1. Gamble in Las Vegas (Las Vegas, USA)

It extremely tacky and it’s a city all about gambling, something you notice even after you step of the plane to be confronted by masses of slot machines. But it does have a unique and somewhat endearing quality to it.

The hotels are what Vegas is all about, you can stay in a pyramid, replica of New York or the world largest hotel the MGM. Every hotel as a unique appeal, and of course no lack of casinos. You could probably spend your entire trip in your own hotel but its well worth getting out onto the strip and looking around.

There is rollercoaster’s, shows and even day trips to Grand Canyon or Hoover Dam. But the main attraction here is gambling on the high value slots, where the jackpots are over $1million. It’s hard not to go crazy but set yourself a budget and just prepare to loose it all! The best fun is found on the roulette wheel and don’t worry if you don’t know how to play, the hotel gambling channel will tell you the rules.

  1. Shark Diving in Hawaii (Oahu, USA)

Shark diving is an adrenaline rush and it can be done in various places around the world, Hawaii though is many peoples ideal of a paradise island so why not do it there.

Perhaps the scariest part of the dive is getting in and out of the cage as the waters throw the cage against the boat. Once you are in and you catch sight of the sharks for the first time it is amazing. You will probably get instructed not to put your hands outside the cage; I would say there isn’t much chance if people doing that with 12 foot predators roaming around you.

  1. Bungee Jump in New Zealand (Auckland or Queenstown)

The capitol of the world for extreme sports and defiantly for bungee jumping, in New Zealand you will have no shortage of options for a bungee jump. Its something that gives you a real adrenaline surge and that takes you most definitely outside your comfort Zone (unless you’re an adrenaline junky).

If you are looking for the least scary option I would suggest the Sky Tower in Auckland, it offers a more unique bungy jump. You jump from the top of the tower on a pulley system and descend to the bottom. But when you reach the bottom you simply stop instead of the usual bungy effect of going up and down a few stomach wrenching times!

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