Software Usage in India: The whole Story

Reason behind it is that the sms gateway Industry is vital a support industry. The Important role of software industry is to, to improve the functionality of some form,   or solve some problem which will be hard to solve manually. The improvement may be in form of improved form or service, problem solving capability, information management, efficiency, or something else.

In other words, the real success of the software industry should not be measured in terms of how much revenue they have generated, but how much enhancement they are able to induce in other industry segments. In this light, the high ratio of exports to domestic consumption of software is a disturbing trend – in exports the multiplying effect of the software goes to some other country.

A main cause for the domestic consumption not being high is lack of understanding of software, its processes, and its costs by the consumer organizations. For a long time consumers of IT goods thought that software is “free”, and the main thing in IT is the hardware. Little was it realized that hardware, without proper software is almost literally a piece of metal and silicon junk.

This mentality, unfortunately, was also reinforced by some hardware vendors, who at the time of selling their machines, either promised to “give software for free” or convinced the buyer that software is something that the buyer can easily do himself. And this is as far from truth as it can be!Application softwares are those that that are used to provide a computer based solution to some problem of an organization.

As we know, software can be broken into three categories – system software, software packages, and application software. System software comprises of operating systems compilers, editors, etc., which typically come with the machine. Software packages like DBASE, LOTUS, and ORACLE etc. are general utility programs that can be used to develop applications in some domain more easily.

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