Ebay is a huge marketplace for un curso de milagros. I myself have purchased several wonderful books on eBay and have always been impressed with the wide variety of products available there. Since selling books on eBay is such a varied topic, let’s break this down by the different types of sellers that exist:

Casual sellers. If you just happen to have a couple of books cluttering up your home that you want to get rid of, it is very simple to sell your books on eBay. You don’t really need to take a picture of the books. A picture can typically be found online. As long as your book is in reasonable condition, simply list it as such. You may want to look at what others are charging for the same book so that you can get the best price while not overdoing it and ending up with no sales whatsoever.

Those with large numbers of books to sell. If you’re a home owner moving to a smaller place or someone clearing out the home of a relative or friend who just passed away, rather than simply throw your books away, you may want to consider selling your books on eBay in the form of a “lot.” A lot basically means that you are selling more than one item of a similar type. You should gather the books based on type (i.e. mystery novels, science fiction/fantasy, politics, etc.) and then photograph the whole bunch together. To get the best effect when photographing, set out a plain white sheet and put the books there, with them all clearly visible. Then, photograph the books resting on the sheet, making sure you don’t take in any background. This will give your presentation a nice, credible look. Keep in mind when selling your books as a lot that each book will be worth less than they would be if sold individually. You should figure out roughly how much each book would sell for individually and then discount the cost by around 50%-75% in order to create a value for your lot. While this may seem like a large loss, the reality is that you need to offer value when selling a “lot” since people will not necessarily want every single book you are selling.

Antiquarian book sellers, first editions, signed copies, etc. This is a completely different type of book selling experience than the previous two, however you can sell these kind of books on eBay as well and do quite well. In this case, condition is extremely important and you should photograph the book from several angles. Use the same sheet technique mentioned above and be sure to photograph, the front cover, the title page (make sure year of printing is clearly showing) and any damage the book may have sustained. If it is a signed edition, make sure to photograph the signature as well. The one thing you will have in common with other book sellers is that you also must do research to find out the going rate for your book so that you price it accordingly.

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