Runner Gratitude – Deserts

A excursion marrakech merzouga is a region of the Earth that cannot support the growth of most plants because it receives very little precipitation — typically less than ten inches per year — or because it loses more water via the combination of evaporation and plant transpiration than it gains through precipitation. Many scientists will classify a desert as falling into one of five basic forms:

The idea of running in a desert fascinates many runners. No matter the source of the fascination, if you are fascinated by deserts so much that you have run at least once in a desert and are “hooked” on doing this regularly, then it behooves you to feel gratitude for deserts.

Why? Because the Law of Attraction tells us that we attract more of whatever we think about with strong positive or negative emotions. For example, if you want a nice car in your future, then it pays to appreciate the one that you already have, so that you will take better care of it, so that you will become more attuned to new cars that are easy to maintain and to used cars that have been maintained well.

So regularly feeling gratitude for the deserts in which you have run or in which you now run will make it easier for you to activate the Law of Attraction in your favor when it comes to running and deserts. And a simple way to do this begins with writing several statements of gratitude for deserts that serve your running life. Here are some examples:

Once you have your complete list, daily or weekly read your list, pausing on each statement to dwell on the good feelings that you associate with that statement.

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