Digital publishing has really opened a world of opportunities for people that are interested in writing or sharing their stories. There are plenty of topics that a digital a course in miracles book can be written about. For example, how to’s do well and other topics that are used to improve people’s lives.

My experience is that one could make a healthy profit from publishing books once the intricacies of getting published is mastered. A few hours of research online is likely to reveal a long list of successful authors that have earned a nice profit from authoring a digital book. In some cases you do not even have to write the book to profit from it and the fact that people are able to purchase and download thousands of books daily offers the digital market a world of opportunities to entrepreneurs.

An easy way to get your book out is to contract with an online digital publishing company. You will receive royalties and payments based on your book sales. This for some is an easier way to be able to get their book published online and to start making profit from the book sales and royalties from downloads.

However, some authors prefer the freedom and certainty they get when they make use of an online digital publisher instead of facing the frustrations of hiring a book agent to help secure a publishing contract from traditional publishers. With the digital platform, the author pays a fee to create the book in return full control to decide how much to charge for the book.

In other words the book remains your intellectual property, the digital publisher will create your book and distribute it as you see fit. There are usually different options for distribution. In some cases you can opt for a book by book type sale. As each order is placed for your book the book is created and sent. You pay the online publisher per book that is sold. This can be an easy way to make money working from home.

Lets say you did not author a book but would like to distribute and sell another persons book. Profiting could be as easy as signing an affiliate agreement where you obtain the licence and rights to promote somebody’s work other than your own for commission. Afterwards, for each download of the book, you will get an amount of money as agreed beforehand. For example lets say you have a website that is dedicated to baby furniture, you could use this site to promote digital books about baby care. One is then able to offer other complimentary products and services which would be of benefit to you and your readers.

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