Make Your Next Interview Gangnam Style

This song was released in 강남가라오케 and is already a world-wide sensation. It has hit the Guinness Book of World Records for most likes for a YouTube video and has over 350+ million views.

So why should you make your next interview Gangnam Style? Well, the song talks about, “the perfect person who knows when to be refined and when to get wild.” Many times we are asked by our readers, “what is proper interview etiquette?” We explain that in order to have a great interview you must be refined in your techniques and know the secrets to success. Part of a great interview is knowing your boundaries and when to let loose and have fun and when to be serious.

See below tips on when to be refined and when not to be.

Dress – What to wear to an interview is simple, always wear your best. It is okay if you do not own a top of the line suit or a fancy dress. Find your best clothes you own and look as refined as possible. If you feel you cannot find anything, it is highly recommended that you go to the store to purchase something. The first step to getting the job is looking the part.

Greeting – Your second “first impression” is made by your greeting. Whether this is on the phone or in-person, this can easily break your interview chances. When on the phone, it is crucial that you smile while you talk. When you smile, it comes through your voice and it will make the interviewer believe that you actually want that job, which you should to begin with! When in-person, we cannot stress enough the importance of a firm handshake, a smile and great eye-contact. A refined interviewer knows how to smile, give great eye-contact and shake that hand with authority. This shows the interviewer you are a serious business (man/woman) and you are here to show them why you are the best.

Interview Answers – A Gangnam Style interviewer knows when to talk and listen. Majority of job seekers feel that an interview is all about your answers and “talking”. That cannot be further from the truth. While, of course, you have to give great interview answers, these great answers come from listening. It is critical that you listen to the questions being asked of you and give a well thought out answer. It is okay to take a few seconds and collect your thoughts, but it is always better than asking for the interviewer to repeat the question.

Interview Hand-outs – When you go to any interview, you should always have a few things with you; At least 5-10 copies of your resume, a few copies of your references (with contact info) and any supplemental information to back up your experiences. Supplemental information hand-outs are any projects or successful accomplishments you are proud of that you can show the interviewer. For example, I once interviewed someone for a Manager of Learning Development and they brought with them the entire leaning manual they designed and wrote for BMW. Talk about impressive!

Closing – A refined interviewer knows how to close the interview. Sometimes you will be interviewing with a less-than-stellar interviewer who may not be trained in the art of interviewing, thus they may not have asked you the right questions. The closing is your time to make yourself shine. Reinforce why you are the best person for the job by stating your experiences related to the job description. Also, it is important to ask what the next steps will be. This lets you know when the appropriate time to follow up will be.

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