mafia city hack Wars Tactics and Strategy and Total Gaming

Mafia Wars designed by Zynga is an online game playable on multiple mafia city hack like Facebook, Yahoo Games, Myspace and Iphone. Whichever online platform you play Mafia Wars on, the game is still fun, exciting and thrilling. It lets you live the life of a Mafia gang leader and garner more fame, respect and happiness from successfully playing the game.

In this article, I will share with you some of the most highly guarded and effective tips and tricks that you can use to completely rule Mafia Wars and other clueless players. With these strategies to play your game, you will surely be one of the most successful player in the game.

1. It’s a Fair Fight, But Not That Fair

In this online game, you are only allowed to fight players who have same levels with you which shows that the fights are carried out just fairly. However not so fair, fellow gamers. Even if you and your enemies have same levels, the weapons and gadgets and also the qualities of the each family definitely differs from each other. If you are keen in winning other players in battles, then be sure to read this article full of effective strategies now.

2. Setting Up Your Mafia Wars Empire – The Best Strategy to Get Excellent Players

Let’s admit it – the most important part of the game is about creating a strong and powerful Mafia gang with you as the top boss. But how can you put up a strong mafia? You can mobilize up to 501 members and that’s it. Make full use of each opening and gather only highly driven, competent players.

The excellent way to do so is to visit Mafia Wars fan pages which exist in huge numbers. Ask a favor to other active players to include you to their family. You can also look at the other requests and choose some that are created by serious gamers.

3. Cash Making Strategies for Mafia Wars

Making money shouldn’t be a hindrance for players who know some tricks of the trade. The most effective tip is to start generating money by finishing jobs. Then when you have more money in your account, make sure you buy as many Mafia Mike’s bars as possible. This simple trick will add plenty of cash flow to your income.

Another thing is,, always invest your Mafia dollars business ventures and properties. Too much of money lying in the is not good at all. Make the money work hard for you.

4. Weapons and Armors

In order for you to succeed at Mafia Wars, it’s crucial that you have powerful and strong weapons and armors. Having lots of high level, experienced players in your mafia family gives you additional benefit. You will be able to ask for and receive powerful secret weapons from these high level players. This can be the fastest way to gather strong items in Mafia Wars. Even though you can randomly get some powerful loot items by fighting and winning against other players, you will be added to the hit list most often and get iced out by other stronger players.

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