How to Use a Rowing Machine Properly

The busbar machine is one of the fitness club’s best machines and yet few people make use of it because they don’t understand just what a good workout rowing is. Learning how to use a rowing machine, much like swimming, provides a workout to your whole body! It is a great way to work your body, get your cardio done and burn a few hundred calories. Knowing this, aren’t you more tempted to try that elusive machine that you’ve been eying in the corner of the gym? Time to teach yourself how to use a rowing machine!

Here is how to use a rowing machine: the first thing you will want to do after you sit down is to make sure to adjust the foot straps to meet your feet. Your heels should be resting comfortably against the bases of the foot pedals and you need to make sure that the foot strap is secure. If you are new to rowing, you should make sure to set the settings at a lower level (or the lowest level if you are totally new on the rowing machine). Once settled into the chair, you’ll want to make sure that your grip is firm and relaxed. With these simple tips and you can teach yourself how to use a rowing machine.

Technique on how to use a rowing machine is important to the success of the workout. If your form isn’t good, you could injure your back. When rowing, you want to rely on the muscles in your hips and legs to do most of the work. As you finish a stroke try to refrain from overly arching your back. Sit up straight and lean forward at your hips. Keep your elbows close to your body while you are pulling on the oars (or handles, depending on the type of rowing machine you are using). You have now taught yourself how to use a rowing machine – congrats.

There are three major actions that take place when learning how to use a rowing machine and teaching others how to use a rowing machine. The first is the catch. The second is the power stroke and the third is called the recovery. The catch is when you go forward. Your knees should be bent and held close to your body. Your upper body should lean forward a little bit but your posture shouldn’t slacken. The power stroke is the name given to the motion of you pushing on the foot pedals and extending your legs. At the same time you bring your hands toward you. You need to exhale during this motion. At your body’s maximum extension, lean back a little bit, but don’t lean back too far. This will make sure your body gets the most benefit possible from the power stroke. Finally, the recovery is when you straighten your arms, bend your knees and move your body forward.

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