How to Save Money on Bulk Coffee Pods

For quite a while, people have been raving over how making a hot cup of coffee is so much easier and faster using coffee Relx Pods and single coffee servers. However, buying coffee pods retail can be a drain on the wallet since they are more expensive than buying ground coffee or beans. If you want to keep enjoying your favorite brew and at the same time cut on costs, it makes sense to buy your pods in bulk. Like with most any other product, buying these pods in bulk will cost you much less per pod. In some cases, the discount on purchasing these pods can be as much as nearly 50% the price of individual pods.

Another advantage of buying your pods for coffee in bulk is that there is little chance of wastage since they keep fresh much longer than ground coffee or coffee beans. For starters, you should check the yellow pages or local ads to see if there are any bulk  merchants in your area. Or you might ask the coffee shop where you buy your pods if they have specials or coupons that might give you discounts.

For example, one online vendor offers Colombian Java One has a 14-count box for $4.59 and says this is a 34% discount from the regular price of $6.99 per box. That would make it around 33 cents per pod. This vendor also offers six boxes at $4.50 a box, which would make it around 32 cents per pod, or a mere cent difference. But there is also a 200-count pack for $59.88, or around 29 cents per pound.

Another bulk coffee pod vendor offers Wolfgang Puck WP Espresso pods at $6.50 for an 18-count box, or around 36 cents a pod. This merchant also offers six boxes, or 108 pods, for $32.95 which is around 30 cents a pound, which isn’t a substantial discount. Another merchant sells Black Mountain Gold Coast Rican pods at 79 cents each and 14-count boxes for $5.79 each, or around 42 cents per pod, which is almost half the retail price for a single pod.

It does take a little searching and researching until you find a merchant that offers the best prices for bulk coffee. Try to find a vendor near you as shipping charges can eat into the discounts. However, if you buy enough bulk coffee pods, many merchants offer free shipping.

In a worst case scenario, you can always buy a refillable pod holder. Even if you have to wash it after every use, you have the advantage of not being limited to the flavors that coffee pod makers offer. So even if you can’t purchase bulk coffee pods, it doesn’t mean that single serve coffee maker you’re so proud of has to be put aside.

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