How Social Media and Technology is Impacting Young Generation?

In recent times, people have been more active on phones and social media than in real life. On top of that, the many innovations and upgrades in internet technology have made it bigger and faster. Moreover, modern-day service providers are using these technologies to enhance their network channels. And introducing new plans, like AT&T with their internet, for customers to get better access to reliable internet.

Today, statistics show that more than 50% of the world uses social media. It is a massive community, and the majority of which are teenagers.

So, if someone spends 2-3 hours daily on one thing, it is sure to impact their life. And it is the same with social media. Social networks and platforms have grown immensely over the years and have become a huge part of the world. It has major effects on our lives in many ways, and here we will discuss its positive and negative impacts on the young generation.

Positive Impacts of Social Media

Teenagers and young generation today love social platforms and applications. From chatting to playing games to taking part in challenges, many things in social media keep its users hooked for longer. Considering that, this constant attention to being online shows many benefits, and first, we will discuss those.

·        Users have access to unlimited information, mostly for free. And with the rise of technology, almost everyone has a smartphone. As a result, they have a way to get everything in instants.

·        Access to several tools to create, enhance, and share amazing photos. Nowadays, everyone can easily communicate using pictures and videos or share entertainment material easily.

·        Many groups or pages contain myths, history, discoveries, entertainment, and more. Teenagers can gain a lot from these pages and develop various skills.

·        Social media has a variety of games and activities that are fun and informational simultaneously. Moreover, advancements in the internet of things have also enabled AR and VR technologies that open doors to more opportunities.

·        With every library’s worth of information available on the internet, youngsters have every piece of detail right in front. So they can learn and earn from it and develop their skillset.

·        Social media is also great for making friends and having group chats. It is not only helpful for anti-social personalities but also for teenagers who need support or are suffering from any disability or disease.

Negative Impacts of Social Media

Now, we are going to talk about some drawbacks of social media. First, we told that teenagers love social media, but excess or incorrect use of any platform can lead to risks and dangers. And it is best to take action fast before the worst happens. So, here are a few drawbacks of the internet, social media, and technology in the lives of teenagers.

·        Many social predators look for youngsters to interact with, bully, harass or humiliate them. They also post and share inappropriate material to target and embarrass teenagers.

·        Some people only want to stir things up or spread false information just to create chaos or start disputes.

·        Teenagers who spend a lot of time on social media can become anti-social or isolate themselves. Moreover, they can start to fear engaging in conversations with friends or family members or may not even make friends altogether.

·        There is a very dark side of the internet that contains all sorts of misinformation, illegal activities, inappropriate content, material, and relationships. These things can harm the young generation or risk their security.

What You Should Do About It?

If you want to save your children, siblings, or young adults from falling into harm’s way, you must take a few steps. Additionally, you have to take responsibility to prevent any drawbacks that might occur in the long run. For that, here are some steps that you can take.

˃       First, set a proper schedule for using social media or PC for your youngster(s). Make sure it doesn’t coincide with their activity, study, work, or play times.

˃       You can also monitor their activity, check their social accounts or set up a child profile, if need be.

˃       It is wise to discuss bad influences, things, and habits with your teenager(s) and tell them to avoid them at all costs. And teach them manners and the right things.

˃       Make your child more socially active, help them make friends, or engage in a conversation so they can be comfortable and more open about their mindset.

Final Takeaway

Although social media and technology have many benefits, they also have drawbacks that may lead to permanent damage if not corrected. When you have a reliable and fast connection, like buytvinternetphone, in your house, you also need to be fully aware of any teenager in the vicinity. If your teenager is showing any signs of bad behavior, falling behind in studies, or spending too much time online, then you must take action and teach your kids the right way to survive and thrive in this world.

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