Fish Tank Aquariums – The 5 Most Important Things to Consider

Choosing the right fish tank aquarium can be overwhelming. With hundreds of fish tank aquariums on the market, which one should you get? Some of the fish tank jargon can be both intimidating and confusing, but choosing the right tank is probably the most important decision you need to make if you want be successful at keeping a beautiful fish 드럼통.

The size of your tank will not only determine how many fish you can keep, but it will also dictate your budget. Generally speaking, fish tanks are priced by capacity and the bigger the tank the more expensive. As a rule of thumb you need to allow, 1 gallon of water for every (1) inch of fish you keep. In other words a 10 gallon tank can keep 10 fish with a length of 1 inch each. Overstocking your tank is the biggest reason why most fish tanks fail. Make sure you allow enough space for your fish.

Although we all think of fish tank aquariums as being made from glass, the latest trend is to make tanks from acrylic. Acrylic is light weight and more transparent than glass. This makes it look better and handle much easier than big bulky old glass tanks and acrylic tanks can come in a wide variety of shapes. Glass tanks still do have some advantage in that they tend to be more robust and have a longer life.

Where do you intend to put your tank. This will also influence your decision of the size of tank you intend to get. Your fish tank should never be exposed to direct sunlight as this will promote the growth of algae and having yr tank too close to a hot or colds source can play mind games with your tank’s temperature stability. Also, keep in mind that a tank filled with water can get really heavy. For most tanks above 10 gallons, standard home furniture will be insufficient to support the tank and you may need a special stand to support the weight.

The days of plain old rectangular tanks are long gone. Apart from getting tanks in a variety of curves, you can also get freestanding tanks. These tanks offer a 360 degree view and the filters are usually neatly tucked away in the lid or base. There are some real interesting shapes on the market and some designs are even built into coffee tables.

Tanks can vary quite a bit between brands and manufacturers and the quality of filters, materials and lights can make a big difference in the price. The more sophisticated your tank gets, the more expensive it will be. You need to set a budget and try and stick to it – otherwise you can run wild and blow a small fortune by adding more features and gadgets. Save your money for the fish instead!

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