Different Faces of Indian Jewellery in The World

India is well known for its traditional and famous Handcrafted Jewellery. Here in India people can find different jewellery as varied religion. Each and every state has a different jewellery style. People can get crafted jewellery not only for humans, but also for gods.

In India people can find jewellery in many styles and materials. Also, India is the major exporter of jewellery all over the world. If we talk about the ancient Vedic era, there was a time when men and women both used to wear jewelleries such as the time of Ramayana, Mahabharta. Also the Harappa and Mohenjodaro civilization also has left evidence of Indian jewellery. It is said that ages ago Indian God and Goddesses used to wear handmade jewellery. It’s easy to classify Indian jewellery into Bridal wear, spiritual and temple jewellery. Also in Mughal era the demand for Indian jewellery reached at its peak.

In Jaipur, the delicate art of Meenakari or enameling, In Orissa and Andhra Pradesh it’s easy to find fine filigree work, and the setting of precious and semi-precious stones in Delhi are famous in all over the world.

You can also find the widest range of beads here, especially in Rajasthan, Gujarat, Himachal Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh. There are many types of materials that people use in the making of Indian Jewellery which includes pieces of kundan, resin, rice, glass and so on. The most unique jewellery is considered to be the most unique jewellery in today’s time. Antique jewellery goes through a process of oxidizing and also sometimes it also buried in clay pots for a dull look. Many jewelleries has also been evolved from Mughal dynasty like Kundan and Minakari jewellery.

Minakari is the art of decorating different combination of gems, sometimes minakari jewellery and precious stones are used as a combination of jewellery that people wear as chokers and necklaces. The designs in this art which can be found are of flowers, plants, scrolling vines and different animal shapes such as snake, owl and so on. In South Indian jewellery emulate different forms found in nature.

The sacred bead of Lord Shiva is embedded in Chased gold, which people especially make for this purpose. People can also find elements of necklaces in the form of lotus buds, lentils or bulbs, flowers and so on. Apart from these types of jewelleries people can also find the wide range of modern and contemporary jewellery in India. Besides silver and gold it’s easy to get jewellery in Jute, stones, beads, wood, plant etc.

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