Christian Has No Business With Sickness

The general belief amongst people is that sickness is a normal part of this life. Parents believe it is normal for a child to be sick christian mysticism play a lot, pick things and put in their mouths.

Many folks believe the body is like a machine that needs routine service and so sickness once in a while is not out of place. Majority of people also believe as one gets older, the body slows down, loses its active function, sickness comes and then the person dies from sickness.

It is also not uncommon to hear Christians say “maybe there is a purpose from God in this sickness” or “God is using this sickness to tell me something.”

Dear friend, as realistic as these statements may sound, in this same ignorance, I suffered for 19 years until the Lord showed me my rights in Christ. The Holy Bible text above is one of many Scriptures to confirm that a Christian has no business with sickness.

I had a condition that developed one day in February1998 such that whenever I sweat, my body begins to itch me. It was so bad that I was scared of having my bath in the evenings whenever I returned home from work because my body would itch me for between 10 – 15 minutes non-stop.

Even if I decided to bathe, it had to be very hot water that burns the body in order not to experience prolonged itching after bathing. I prayed, I fasted, I visited the hospital, ran tests, took medication all to no avail.

I even went online to see if I could identify the cause through other people’s experiences but I was unable to come up with anything and so I suffered in silence.

Through a friend, I read a Christian Book on this subject of Divine Healing and It was when I saw, believed and confessed what God said in His Word that my 19 years of avoidable suffering ended in early 2017.

Glory be to God for what happened on the Cross of Calvary!

I say avoidable suffering because those Scriptures on Divine Healing have always been there all along and even though I had read it severally, I did not comprehend the impact, not until God and Father of our Lord and Jesus Christ opened my eyes of understanding.

You see, when Jesus Christ our Lord shed His precious blood on the Cross of Calvary, He took away our sins just as the first part of the Scripture text above tells us. Every Christian knows this for a fact and it is our belief and acceptance of this fact that gives us Salvation in Christ FREE of charge.

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