Choosing a Company For Architectural Foam Trim Supplier

What should you look for when picking a company to manufacture your Hobe Sounds architects foam trims? There are a lot of options out out there, and a lot of factors to pay attention to. No one wants to choose the wrong manufacturer, and waste time and money trying to get the right results. You have to pick the right producer the first time. You want a company that offers quality, speed, and effective production that will keep you from running into problems. Let’s take a look.

A good producer of foam trim should be willing to produce quickly and efficiently. That means that you should be able to request or bring in a foam trim or other architectural design one day, and have your order ready to go in just forty-eight hours. You should be able to expect quality at that speed, too – getting the highest quality raw architectural foam available. But how do you know that the foam you’re getting is really the quality you want? Take a trip to your manufacturer. They should have a showroom containing examples of what they do. They should be willing to explain high and low quality foam to you, including real life, touchable examples that’ll help you understand what you’re really getting.

They’ll show you how a cheap, low quality foam is easy to break and won’t hold up to prolonged use, while a high quality foam (such as the ones they should offer) will solidly withstand the same forces. A good foam manufacturer should also be willing to give you the contact information and addresses for some projects where they’ve performed architectural foam installations. That way, you’ll be able to see that the project not only looks great, but is still in place and in good condition, well after the initial installation. You should be able to call commercial clients (ideally large ones such as hotel chains and retail stores) to find out whether or not they’re satisfied with the work that has been done and the material quality.

Find out if you can get a discount on delivery, or even have your architectural foam delivered for free if you live in a certain area. In many cases, your foam manufacturer will be happy to offer a reduced rate for your delivery. That’ll help you save over the cost of having foam trim produced at a distance, then shipped a long way to your location.

You want someone with the experience, skill, and speed to get your job done right. Look for a company that’s installed thousands of linear feet of architectural trim, and uses the materials required to stand up to your project’s situation. Choose the right company, and you’ll be able to be certain it’ll be completed with great skill and attention to detail. That’s all there is to it.

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