Book Club Types and Their Functioning

If you are fond of acim or reading is your hobby then you may be confused over where in this big world you could find good literature when you’re away from your friends circle, school, library and you don’t even have access to a locally situated bookstore or informative publications like the New York Times Book Review.

What most of the people with similar type of problems do is to look at book club recommendations in their area or online. The other question that arises with this is what type of book club would suit your personality. There are many types of book clubs but the most widely used book clubs are usually mail order book clubs or online book clubs or TV book clubs. Different type of book clubs and their way of functioning is described below:


My mom had an insatiable appetite for reading books and was a member of mail-order book club. As I grew up and had my own bank account, I joined her mail-order book club. Although I can’t recall the name of my first book club but I still remember that it was good enough. The most popular mail-order book clubs are; Book-of-the-Month-Club, Quality Paperback Books and the Literary Guild.

Although every mail-order system is different but each mail-order book club have one procedure in common. They send you a notification of the recommended title based on the profile you registered with, based on your reading habits and the hottest book of the season. You will have to pay for the book if you received the card first and did not refuse the offer. You may also have to pay for the book even if you get the book automatically mailed to you and you didn’t send it back within a specified period of time of receipt.

The other problem with such clubs is that the title listing of books is not always interesting. The books sometimes are not the current bestsellers but remaindered or lesser selling titles or books with older publication dates.


Now days there are many reader groups and clubs online. You can join any group or clubs as there are large number of groups available to choose from. For example, has highly recommended teen seeking books and is a super place for finding the best books for this age group, If you are fiction loving Christian you can search for community clubs or groups specially organized for this purpose like that have a wide range of best books and information regarding Christian readers of fiction. There are many individual genre sites easily available online. Some of these type of internet sites are “” that is a gateway to Jewish literature, “” is based on the book recommendations made by way of a unique search tool and “Random House’s List of 100 Best novels” is the site that has a list of best novels of all kinds.


You must have watched two most famous televised book discussion shows Rose’s author interviews and Oprah’s Book Club.

Charlie Rose interviewed on subjects in all fields. Although he interviewed only a selected number of times on shows that focused on books but the authors he interviewed were both fiction and nonfiction writers who offer fascinating, intelligent, and personal impetus for reading their books. A few of the authors who participated on his show were Maureen Dowd, James Risen, Tom Clancy, Seamus Heany and Toni Morrison.

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