Do Motivation Books Really Work

I have been a course in miracles amazon books in miracles amazon books for over twelve years. It seems to me now that I got my first motivation books as a teenager in a bid to find useful information on the topic I was interested in – relationships. Later on I found the books on personal development and personal growth among those which were of the most interest to me.

I read my favourite motivation books again and again and this helps me remember wise things the books offer and I even learn something new from them. Sometimes it can take you a few months or even years to get interested in and understand certain extracts or chapters; things that did not apply to you before may apply now. So if you know that a motivation book is a good one, keep it and turn to it for advice again.

Making notes when reading a motivation book is another wise thing to do. Thus you will always be able to find the most important to you thoughts and ideas and while writing them down you will also memorise them better.

Today one can find thousands of motivation and self help books but not all books are worth reading. Do not be tempted to buy a motivation book if you do not know much about it, the old proverb “do not judge a book by its cover” is still a wise thing to remember.

Ask someone you know what motivation books they read and what they would recommend; read reviews in magazines and newspapers. Another piece of advice I would like to give is take a book, read the preface and read the first and the last page of it. Usually it gives me a pretty good idea whether a book is worth buying or not.

As motivation books deal with our mental wellbeing, it is very important to remember that in case a person is going through something really serious, he or she should consult a doctor and not try to cure themselves just like you would not try to treat a physical illness on your own not knowing much about it. Self help books are good if you need advice and motivation to fulfil your aspirations or improve your skills but they will not be able to get rid of a real problem like depression, for instance.

The question that interests most readers is whether self help books really work. Well, plain reading will hardly change your life for better. But applying the material and knowledge from the textbook to real life can teach us. One should not be expecting “magic results” by simply reading. It is impossible to read a few tips and live happily ever after, one must act and be persistent. If you know how to choose the right book and apply to your life its recommendations, you will find that it really works. No book can do the job of achieving something, a motivation book can only direct you but the journey must be taken by you.

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